WoW: Valinor – world boss with 207 loot from January 27th

In the Shadowlands, the incredibly powerful Centurion Valinor was created by the Kyrians to test their most battle-hardened warriors. But ever since the spurned kidnapped him and infected him with the seeds of doubt, Valinor has regarded all opponents as challengers.

Valinor becomes active as soon as all barrels with anima in the vicinity are destroyed. He is commanded by Lysonia, who hovers nearby. Its powerful Animal load deals damage in an area and should be avoided, and he may have groups of enemies Charged anima explosion decimate if these do not spread. Valinor bets regularly Unleashed anima and affects many areas during the duration of the effect Animal load at.

The Animal load out. Remains distributed so that the Charged anima explosion does not skip. Switches the tank when the stacks of Mark the regret get too high.

Damage classes
The Animal load out. Remains distributed so that the Charged anima explosion does not skip.

The Animal load out. Remains distributed so that the Charged anima explosion does not skip.

World boss Valinor – loot

Each Shadowlands world boss is linked to an epic world quest, the once a week can be completed. The same applies to the following Loot with item level 207.


Non-raiders should do the Great treasury only open after defeating Valinor. If you kill the world boss first, you can choose another option in the vault. The advice is likely to be of little use to raiders as the vault gives them a higher range of item levels.


Legendary memories

All Shadowlands world bosses also leave Item level 200 or rank 5 versions of the class pact capability media fall.

WoW Shadowlands: Valinor – world boss with 207 loot (Source: buffed)

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