WoW: Vulpin puppy Felsi as a pet

from Sara Petzold
The fox-like Vulpin are among the wild inhabitants of the Ardenwald. We can collect some of their puppies as pets, including the Vulpin puppy Felsi. We'll tell you in our guide how to get Felsi.

The new WoW expansion Shadowlands brings a lot of new pets into the game, but when it comes to cuteness, probably nothing can match the Vulpin puppies of the Ardenwald. If you go looking for the little fox creatures in the territory of the night fae, you can get hold of several of them as pet.

WoW: Felsi vulpin puppy as a pet - this is how you get it! (Guide) (2)

WoW: Felsi vulpin puppy as a pet – this is how you get it! (Guide) (2)

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One of them is the purple colored puppy Felsiyou as prey from the rare enemy Macabre gets. As is well known, Blizzard would not be Blizzard if the developers simply knocked this NPC off your feet and let you bag the coveted reward. Instead, you have to summon Macabre first.

Dancing for macabre

It works as follows: You and two other players have to perform a dance on a mushroom ring in the Ardenwald so that macabre appears. This ring of mushrooms can appear in a total of four different locations, all of which are in the northern half of the Night Fae Zone. The coordinates for the possible positions of the mushroom ring are:

  • / way 32.90, 44.60
  • / way 36.50, 48.10
  • / way 47.91, 40.20 (on top of the cliff)
  • / way 60.00, 29.40

Once you have found the mushroom ring, the three of you have to stand in the ring and perform the dance emote in a circle:

  • The first player applies the "/ dance" emote to the second player.
  • The second player applies the "/ dance" emote to the third player.
  • The third player applies the "/ dance" emote to the first player.

As soon as Makaber appears, all players nearby can kill him and loot the pet Felsi, even those who did not take part in the dance and / or belong to another faction. Also make sure that all members of your group have completed the world quest "A Dangerous Harvest" if it is active at the location of the mushroom ring – otherwise the phasing will not work correctly in this area. We wish everyone happy farming!

Source: Vanion

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