While our trip into the beyond of WoW is still a long time coming, some players can already look into the alpha version of Shadowlands. We had the chance to enjoy the heavenly views of Bastion and the eerie landscape of Revendreth – and also to assess the first changes to the classes.

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The warlock in Shadowlands

Like other classes, the warlocks in Shadowlands get back some skills and spells that were previously taken from them in the name of clarity. But some exclusive talents and skills are also available to everyone in Shadowlands, like the DoT spell corruption of the Affliction Sorcerer or Talent Demonic circlewhich is just too useful to only make it available as a talent. Above all, we look at the witcher's curses that will rise from the dead in the shadow shop: in some cases, these debuff effects were firmly anchored in our magic repertoire until the Legion expansion. Only the Curse of audacity flew out of the game during Wrath of the Lich King. This and others find their way back into play with Shadowlands – we look at which ones are and whether they even deserve the revival in the realm of the dead.

  • Curse of audacity ensures that a target is immune to fear and deals increased physical damage, but also has to take more of it.
  • Curse of the languages forces a target to speak demonic, which takes longer to cast spells.
  • Curse of Weakness slows down the attack speed of enemies, which means we take less damage.
  • Curse of exhaustion slows opponents strongly (currently by 50 percent)

Currently, the Daredevil debuff lasts two minutes on the opponent, so we can put him on a boss and then concentrate on our other rotation. However, since we only increase the physical damage against the target, the spell should only reach its full potential in certain cases, such as when we rely on a raid full of hunters, villains and warriors. Niche potential is probably the motto for curses, because too Curse of the languages and Curse of Weakness elicit a "nice that it exists" rather than a "what a game changer!" Since all curses are baseline abilities, we really can't complain. If we don't want to use them, we don't have to.

The useful demonic circle talent becomes the base spell in WoW: Shadowlands - so we can always use it!

The useful demonic circle talent becomes the base spell in WoW: Shadowlands – so we can always use it!

Source: Buffed

If you play a character in Alpha, you quickly notice one of the biggest differences to the current expansion Battle for Azeroth: no Azeri armor parts! And accordingly, the many bonuses that we had accumulated through these are missing. This has different effects depending on the specialization, but all three now miss some proc effects that give them speed. Be it the azerite perk Cascading disaster the Afflis or Focus of destroyers. We also miss specific effects. Approximately Chaos breaking inthe cooldown of Summon Hell Beast reduced by 15 seconds and the damage from Chaos flash elevated. The burst possibility is damped accordingly, the situation is similar with the demonologist. Because in BfA, the devilish tamer of creatures rely on the popular perk Ominous invocationwho strengthens the demonic tyrant and promptly gives us a full set of soul fragments. In combination with Demonic consumption an excellent damage boost is possible on the live servers, which we painfully miss in Bastion and Revendreth. And at this point we are not even considering passive essences, which we also lack. The pact capabilities already look promising for this. Soul rot the Nachtfae, which us Bloodsucker works on multiple targets, or the magic Meat shaping the necrolord with whom we can turn an enemy’s body into an absorption shield. It is still open which azerite perks we will take to Shadowlands, for example as a talent or even as a permanent change of spells. Affliction warlocks have so far only got the trait. Enthusiastic demonologists, for example, basically want the full charging of soul fragments by summoning the demonic tyrant. We won't see what the developers do with this feedback until later.

When playing the Alpha from WoW Shadowlands, we are missing some azerite perks that have increased the use of Chaos Bolt and Hell Beast, for example.

When playing the Alpha from WoW Shadowlands, we are missing some azerite perks that have increased the use of Chaos Bolt and Hell Beast, for example.

Source: Buffed

Affliction Warlock in Shadowlands

The Affliction Warlock sees a fundamental change above all Unstable ailments opposite. So far, this DoT spell has been about applying up to five stacks of the harmful effect to enemy targets. In Shadowlands, this stack mechanic is no longer available, as is the damage bonus against affected targets. Holds for that Unstable ailments longer and even gives us a soul shard if we use magic to kill a target, because unstable infirmity itself will cost mana in the future. This way the stress of the game style is somewhat reduced while we are new to the game Malefic rupture inflict damage on an enemy based on the amount of DoT effects that affect them. With its icon, this ability represents the quasi-comeback of Vicious grip but it worked differently. The talent visitation, which in addition to its DoT effect also causes targets to suffer more damage, has an extended duration of 18 seconds in the Alpha, which also ensures relaxed gameplay because you visitation so easy to keep upright. In addition to these two spells, there are changes for corruption and Seed of Corruption. The former becomes the basic spell in Shadowlands, which is available to all specializations, but is no longer a spontaneous spell, but has an effect time. Affliction warlocks do with the talent Improved corruption out corruption another spontaneous spell. Seed of Corruption receives a stronger AoE effect than the associated talent sowing plants the harmful effect in two targets, not just one. A great combination with the new magic is already paving the way here Malefic Rapture who apparently does not need a specific goal, but rather hits all opponents who are affected by our DoTs. If you want to get even better in this area, you can count on the new talent Dark caller fall back on the cooldown of Summon Dark Look reduced by one minute. In this way, Afflis receive area damage support. Dark caller replaces talent Shadow wrappingthat becomes baseline for Afflis and theirs Shadow flash reinforced. As in the other specs, we find an old friend in the Affliction Talent Tree: with the cooldown magic Howl of terror we let opponents wander around disoriented.

Destruction warlock in Shadowlands

Warlocks, who prefer demonic flames and chaotic bombardment, use the destruction style again in Shadowlands. This hardly seems to change when you compare alpha skills with the spells on the live server. Your summoned hell beast strikes harder while the damage of the talent Cataclysm is also higher. What is more interesting, however, is what the developers have with the talent inferno have made. So far this has the area magic Rain of fire only with the chance to generate a soul fragment. The alpha version of the talent also ensures that the spell does a whopping 20 percent more damage. The changed talent makes a better impression accordingly, but must continue with the two very useful talents Cataclysm and Fire and brimstone compete. The latter also got a buff: use it in the Alpha Fire and brimstone, you hit with your standard spell Burn not only surrounding targets with 40 percent damage, but also get two for each enemy hit instead of a soul fragment. So it will have to be seen whether the damage boost from inferno liberates the talent from its shadowy existence. As with the other two specializations of the sorcerer, takes place in the talent tree Demonic circle the talent Howl of terrorthat we can use to disorient opponents around us.

Demonology Warlock in Shadowlands

Similar to the destroyers, the demonologists do not experience any fundamental changes in Shadowlands. In this regard, the developers emphasize that destruction and demonology with their current rotations and talent trees "match the targets for Shadowlands" well. Demonologists have to cope with a little nerf in the area of ​​AoE attacks. Because implosion, which we use to turn our elves into detonating projectiles, does less damage in the Alpha. More precisely, the secondary opponents, i.e. those who are close to our actual target.

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