WoW: Warlocks – the first Shadowlands Legendary

After an expansion in which we basically had to live without them, Legendarys are finally part of WoW again! In Shadowlands we even make the items ourselves. So it's no longer a matter of luck, we can decide so much more easily how the legendary equipment influences our way of playing. Gathering the necessary materials such as soul ash for it is no picnic, which is why we give you recommendations for the choice of the Legendary in this guide. Because the first legendary piece of equipment that you get your sorcerer should be the best there is. You also have to decide for yourself: For which game content do you want to be best equipped?

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<img src = "" alt = "Embers of the Azj'Aqir let you work more chaos lightning in WoW: Shadowlands. What more could a destroyer want?”/>

Embers of the Azj'Aqir let you work more chaos lightning in WoW: Shadowlands. What more could a destroyer want?

Source: Buffed

Destruction Warlocks – The Best Legendarys

Whatever you're up to in the Shadowlands, there are two Legendarys that you definitely want to be the first to create. Only then do you invest your soul ashes in upgrading the items. Because both effects are enormously strong and depending on the fight one or the other is preferable. But what always remains the same are the preferred values ​​on the Legendary. In general, you equip the item with speed and critical hit value to optimize the damage as a destroyer. But if you want to choose the best combination of values ​​for your witcher, you can use tools like Simcraft and Raidbots back. These can tell you how to get the most out of your DpS, which will be important later in the expansion.

Relic of Demonic Synergy is the undisputed number 1, especially for raiders. Because this is a simple proc that can give you a ten percent damage boost. For this, your primary demon just needs to attack your target. The proc can also lead to the fact that you give the demon more DpS, but the general bonus ensures that the legendary effect trumps in almost every situation. As the icing on the cake, don't forget: This effect is also a good choice for the other two Witcher specs, which saves you further legendary tinkering.
Slot: Head, shoulders
Source: Raid: General Kaal, Nathria Castle

Wilfred's Seal of Superior Conjuration is your second choice for the raid, but is especially worthwhile for Mythic Plus. So if you need legendary support, especially for dungeons, first build a piece of equipment with this effect. Because with every soul shard you use, you reduce the cooldown of Summon Hellbeast. In this way, you can quickly use your mighty cooldown again in the hectic dungeon gameplay without waiting. If you equip this Legendary, you absolutely want the talent Chaos rain choose. Because both the legendary effect and Chaos rain benefit from fragment consumption and favor the use of Summon Hellbeast. This synergy turns it into a killer combo. But the legendary effect is also useful in raid battles if they last long enough and keep throwing adds at you, allowing you to generate and consume enough soul shards.
Slot: Wrist, finger
Source: Dungeon: Millificent Mana Tower, The Other Side

Embers of the Azj'Aqir is also particularly worthwhile for raiders, while we cannot recommend the effect for dungeon visits. conflagration This effect gives you an additional charge and a reduced cooldown time. So not only do you get soul fragments more often conflagrationbut also the buff Pyrolysis, with which you Chaos lightning Can work 30 percent faster. This is ideal for single targets or cleave (you use devastationyou meet two goals). Ideal conditions for a Chaos lightning – Thunderstorms in Raid Battles!
Slot: Legs, back
Source: Raid: Schlickfaust, Nathria Castle

<img src = "" alt = "The legendary Powers of the horned nightmare helps you to build an army of elves in WoW Shadowlands.”/>

The legendary Powers of the horned nightmare helps you to build an army of elves in WoW Shadowlands.

Source: Buffed

Demonology Warlocks – The Best Legendarys

The summoning experts also rely on different Legendarys in Raid and Dungeon if they want to achieve high DpS. But don't panic: If you don't want to make a direct decision, there is also a Legendary, which is a bit of an "all-rounder" and gives you good DpS values ​​in both game modes. If you specialize, you have to visit Torghast to get the effect of your choice. In the Demo-Legendary you always rely on speed and mastery when it comes to values. If you are not sure whether this fits your setup, you can use tools like Simcraft and Raidbots try out which values ​​are most worthwhile.

Relic of Demonic Synergy is ideal for you, if you don't want to decide whether you prefer to be in raids, solo or in dungeons. The legendary effect is available for all Witcher specs, but shines especially for demonologists, as it has a customized effect there. As soon as your primary demon or you attack a target, there is a chance that the other will receive a damage bonus. For demonologists this is 15 percent, higher than for the other specs. This general effect ensures that you benefit from this legendary in every situation and do not have to pay attention to enemy types or groups.
Slot: Head, shoulders
Source: Raid: General Kaal, Nathria Castle

Powers of the horned nightmare is an absolute feast for summoners and is a great choice for both group battles and single target damage. Every time you do Hand of Gul'dan works, there is a 15 percent chance that the spell will be mirrored. Instead of one, two or three elves, you can sometimes call out two, four or even six in one fell swoop! Raiders can look forward to the army of pixies working on a single enemy. In addition, the bunch of elves ensures that your demonic tyrant receives even more extra damage when summoned if you have the talent Demonic consumption selected. But the Legendary can also be worthwhile in group fights, because you have even more ammunition for the magic in this way implosion.
Slot: Shoulder, finger
Source: Torghast: fracture chambers, level 3+

Implosive potential yells with its effect practically Mythical Plus: implosion that gives you eight seconds one percent more speed for each imp that explodes. If you hit more than three goals, there is even five percent speed! The Legendary is definitely very specific and you should therefore only use it if you regularly face large group fights, especially challenging keystones in Mythic Plus dungeons. Despite the optimal threshold of three targets, your damage increases even with fewer enemies thanks to the gain in speed.
Slot: Pants, cape
Source: Torghast: Upper levels, level 3+

<img src = "" alt = "The legendary Relic of Demonic Synergy simply increases your damage and that of the demon via proc.”/>

The legendary Relic of Demonic Synergy simply increases your damage and that of the demon via proc.

Source: Buffed

Affliction Warlocks – The Best Legendarys

For the Afflis, the choice is also very mixed, because for different contents of Shadowlands you always want to have a different Legendary ready in the best case. Accordingly, you'll have to stop by both Torghast and Nathria raid if you want to be well prepared. With regard to the secondary values, in the best case you check with Simcraft and Raidbotswhich combination makes sense on your Legendary. Basically, the weakness sorcerer definitely benefits from more points in speed so that the DoT effects tick faster, but mastery is also a welcome addition.

Relic of Demonic Synergy As with the other specs, represents the option for all-players: If your demon attacks, there is a chance that you will receive a damage bonus. In the same way, this proc can strengthen the demonic servant during one of your attacks. This general legendary mainly helps you with the single target battles in the raid. But it's also worth it in dungeons. But if you want to really shine in the dungeons, you can use the Legendary below.
Slot: Head, shoulders
Source: Raid: General Kaal, Nathria Castle

Eternal agony of Azj'Aqir worth the most for fans of dungeons. Because in Mythic Plus you fight for every single soul splinter in order to be able to use the AoE damage of Malign Euphoria as often as possible, which damages all opponents hit by DoT effects. The legendary's effect ensures that agony has a 20 percent higher chance of bringing you a soul shard. Even in a raid, this Legendary is second best. As soon as you have multiple opponents, it quickly becomes the best! Accordingly, this is also a flexible legendary that is worthwhile in raids and dungeons.
Slot: Chest, fingers
Source: Torghast: Upper levels, level 3+

Sacrolash's Dark Burst is in no mode the DpS king, but can still prove to be very useful. The effect of this legendary increases on the one hand the damage of corruption by 15 percent, but mainly reduces the speed of your von corruption hit opponents by 50 percent. When exploring alone and in some Mythical Plus brawls, kite opportunities arise in which slowed melee enemies no longer pose a threat to you or your group.
Slot: Legs, feet
Source: Torghast: Skoldushalle, level 3+

Which Legendary do you like most as a warlock? Which should the developers adjust again to make it more worthwhile? Write us your impressions in the comment area!

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