WoW: Warning from the community

At Aldi there seems to have been no credit for a long time, only game time for World of Warcraft, a reader reports to us by email. However, not all customers and employees in the branches seem to know this, and therefore it can happen that you receive a code with game time, even though you have specifically asked for credit. In the worst case, there is a Hearthstone or Overwatch player sitting in front of the PC who has never had anything to do with WoW and suddenly has game time without wanting to get it. So what to do

Our reader sent us the following statement about his situation: He wanted to get the Hearthstone Headless Horseman Pack for credit. "So to Aldi (I've been buying Bnet credit there for years). At the till, as always, I said ' credit, please', get a receipt and redeem it at home." However, he did not read the text because he assumed that everything would be as always. Only after redeeming the code he had two months of WoW (buy now 15.00 € )– Playtime instead of credit for the Hearthstone purchase on the account. A message to Blizzard support was not very fruitful: "'There are Battlenet credits and WoW game time. Game time cannot be converted into credits. Without words, I was served. I thought 'Well, Shadowlands is coming in 4 weeks, what the heck.' It was postponed a day later. Great timing! "

Our reader then simply ticked off the matter until he read in the WoW chat on October 29, 2020 that someone had exactly the same problem as him. He then found out the following via a chat with a Blizzard employee: "He told me that Aldi took credit from its range some time ago and only sells game time. But there are still branches where the employees do not know this and it the wrong receipt is printed out. The employee said that if I had gone to support directly via a ticket, this could have been corrected. " Many thanks to our reader at the point for telling us about his experiences.

So it should be noted: You no longer get Bnet credit at Aldi, only playing time. But if it happens that you don't pay attention to the information on the receipt, and neither does the employee of the discounter giant, then you can have the code redeemed by you rewritten via Blizzard Support.

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