The weapon warrior still takes a little too much start-up time to unfold his damage. We therefore recommend that you use the Furor Spec for the level phase in WoW Shadowlands. However, if you take too much damage from your opponents for your taste and have to take a break between the mobs more often, you choose the weapon style of play with the talent gather strength.

WoW Shadowlands: Fury Warrior level guide at level 60

Talent choice

The following talents are designed purely for the level phase and grant you maximum movement speed and a very fast build-up of anger. By the way, when leveling you can now wear two one-handers instead of two two-handers, increasing your running speed by another five percent.

WoW: Warriors in Shadowlands - Level guide at level 60 (2)

WoW: Warriors in Shadowlands – Level guide at level 60 (2)

Source: Buffed

War machine, Two is Better and Giant strides grant you maximum movement speed while Daring and Angry berserk make sure you build up a lot of anger. massacre you take with you for an earlier use of executions. With good equipment, you can bring mobs to the afterlife even faster.


1. Romp
2. Recklessness (with little anger)
3. Execution (from 35 percent)
4th Furious blow (with two charges)
5. Thirst for blood (always when ready)
6th Bladestorm (with tantrum)
7th Furious blow (for anger build-up)
8th. Whirlwind (as a filling spell)

The style of play of the Furor Warrior has hardly changed in contrast to BfA. The spec continues to revolve around that Tantrum mechanicsthat increases your damage and up to 30 percent of Thirst for blood and 100 percent of Romp is triggered. Romp costs a lot of anger, thanks to the talent Daring treat yourself Recklessness but directly 50 anger points. Of course you always open the fight with Assaultto build up anger points directly.

You continue to generate anger Thirst for blood and Furious blow. If both abilities are on cooldown, their whirlwind will work. Ideally, you save the second charge of Furious blow to use this with an active tantrum, but you don't have to be really meticulous when leveling. Generally you should tantrum always keep this in mind, otherwise you just spam your keys for Romp, Furious blow and Thirst for bloodwhenever you can. Bladestorm use it as often as possible to quickly eliminate one or more opponents.

Tantrum must be active for the ability to do proper damage. It is exactly the same with your finisher Executionthanks to the talent massacre instead of 20 you can use 35 percent of the opponent's life points. After you have defeated an enemy, you can the next opponent with Victory frenzy attack and restore health immediately.


Recklessness increases your anger generation for ten seconds by 100 percent and the critical hit chance of your skills by 20 percent. In addition, the damage from Thirst for blood and Raging Blow increased. Use them generously when leveling and whenever you thirst for anger.

Furious regeneration reduces your damage taken by 30 percent for eight seconds and leaves Thirst for blood Generate 20 percent more healing. When the cure of Victory rush and the normal version of Thirst for blood Not enough, Furious Regeneration is the right choice.

Encouraging scream increases the maximum life points of you and your group and raid members by 20 percent for twelve seconds – your emergency button for tricky situations.

Legendary powers

Death maker Frolicking has a 25 percent chance of applying Siege Breaker to the target for five seconds. This effect can also occur on a cape.

WoW Shadowlands: Weapon Warrior Level Guide at level 60

The gameplay of the weapon warrior is more geared towards explosive damage after a start-up time and offers you an almost infinite amount of healing over time by collecting forces.


1. Warbreaker
2. Overwhelm
3. Deadly shock
4th Execution (from 20 percent)
5. Bladestorm
6th Smash (Fill attack)

To start the fight with a bit of anger, you attack the opponent immediately Assault. To increase the damage to the mob, you use Warbreaker and Overwhelmonly to cast a heavy fatal blow. From 20 percent you miss the mob Execution the rest.

If you run out of anger, use it Bladestorm or Deadly serenity. Otherwise you will act so long Smash, to Overwhelm and Deadly shock are ready again. You have to take food breaks, thanks Victory rush do not insert and storms directly towards the next opponent.


WoW: Warriors in Shadowlands - level guide at level 60 (4)

WoW: Warriors in Shadowlands – level guide at level 60 (4)

Source: Buffed


Bladestorm deals damage to up to eight enemies and frees you from movement-restricting effects.

Encouraging scream increases the maximum health of you and your group and raid members by 15 percent for twelve seconds.

Perish by the sword increases your parry chance by 100 percent for eight seconds and reduces all damage taken by 30 percent.

Legendary powers

Two of the best legendary powers for the gun warrior are Persistent blow (Head and belt) and Battle Lord (Neck and wrists). Enduring blow confers Deadly shock a chance of 15 percent Colossal crashing apply for five seconds. Battlelord Shatter has a 30 percent chance of completing the cooldown of your Mortal Strike ability.

WoW Shadowlands: Protection warrior level guide at level 60

If you want, you can play up the warrior as a second character and then level up via dungeons.


1. Shield blow (always who ready)
2. Thunder clap (always when ready)
3. revenge (if free)
4th Execution (from 20 percent)
5. Devastate (Fill attack)

Shield blow, Thunder clap and revenge (if the proc of the same name becomes active) are also part of the standard of protection play in Shadowlands. Since Shadowlands are Execution and Whirlwind added. You can use these skills when you are too angry. If possible, join the fight Intercept.


WoW: Warriors in Shadowlands - Level guide at level 60 (3)

WoW: Warriors in Shadowlands – Level guide at level 60 (3)

Source: Buffed


Last stand increases your maximum health by 30 percent for 15 seconds and heals you for this value. If you should overdo it when leveling / in dungeons, this is your emergency button.

Shield wall also serves as an emergency button. But instead of healing you directly, the Shield Wall ability reduces the damage you take by 40 percent for eight seconds.

Avatar not only frees you from movement-impairing effects, but also increases your damage caused by 20 percent for 20 seconds.

Demoralizing reputation reduces the damage dealt to opponents in your area by 20 percent and immediately generates 40 points. Make generous use of this ability as you level up.

Legendary powers

In the first few weeks you will be in dungeons. Therefore use Thunderlordwhat by Thunder clap Decreased the cooldown of Demoralizing Shout by three seconds for each enemy hit.

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