As with all other classes, numerous effects from Legion return with the legendary memories for the warrior and are now partially available in a modified form in WoW Shadowlands. The locations for these memories are numerous and the developers know exactly which content door they hide the best legendarys for weapons, fury and protection warriors behind. As a warrior, you often have to go to the Nathria Castle raid if you want your best legendary recipe. Therefore, in addition to the top legendary effect, we show you some alternatives for every spec that non-raiders should also easily get.

WoW: Warriors - The First Shadowlands Legendary Guide (3)

WoW: Warriors – The First Shadowlands Legendary Guide (3)

Source: Blizzard

For the weapon warrior there is actually only one really strong legendary, which, however, has a random factor. This RNG effect doesn't bother you that much. As so often, you will only get the necessary Legendary recipe in the raid.

Signet of the tormented kings dissolves when working Bladestorm, Recklessness or Avatar randomly casts one of the other two effects with a reduced cooldown. For weapon warriors, the random Proc des Signet is not a hindrance and can be used flexibly compared to the other two warrior styles, which is why you make it first.

Especially in AoE situations you get a lot of benefit from it, for example Bladestorm when working Avatar is activated or vice versa. In this case, you just have to make sure that you are already standing in the enemy so that Bladestorm can directly unfold its full damage. Just like all other Weapon Warrior Legendarys, you give this item speed and "crit".

slot: Bracers, fingers
source: Raid: Generals of the Stone Legion, Nathria Castle

Judge's verdict: When dealing damage, there is a high chance that an explosion of spiritual energy will be released, causing Shadow damage. If another ally who has been sentenced by the judge is within five to 20 meters of you, the explosion will jump over to them as well, inflicting shadow damage on enemies in their path. Even if no other player is using this Legendary, you still deal a good amount of single target damage due to the high proc rate. However, you always have to make sure that the bow-shaped attack also flies towards the desired opponent (and ideally also fellow players).

slot: Wrist, hands, fingers
source: Reputation: The Ascended (Revered)

Fury warriors will find it easier to hunt for the best Legendary, as memories drop in the dungeon. The second and third best legendary effects drop, however, as so often in the raid.

Death maker: Romp has a 30 percent chance of using your target for six seconds Siege breakers to prove. Compared to the other Legendarys for Fury Warriors, the effect of Deathmaker gives you a constant amount of damage in most situations, even if you of course take the greatest advantage from it against individual targets. In addition, you can easily farm this memory and do not have to collect it in the raid or reputation. Because the item drops in the Dungeon Necrotic Lane.

The only thing you have to watch out for with this Legendary is what you are looking for Romp applies. Romp is usually always worked on your main goal anyway, with Death maker but you have to pay more attention Romp not necessarily to be used against weak goals that will soon bless the temporal anyway. Otherwise you can debuff Siege breakers (15 percent more damage to the target) do not savor. Like all other Fury Legendarys, you create your Deathmaker Legendary with speed and mastery.

slot: Legs, back
source: Dungeon: Amarth, The Necrotic Swath

Signet of the tormented kings dissolves when working Bladestorm, Recklessness or Avatar randomly one of the other two effects, but with a reduced cooldown. This legendary is not bad for FuryWarriors either, but the RNG factor can have a disruptive effect on Fury. In the worst case, procct Bladestorm, while tantrum is not active.

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This is especially annoying, especially when you're additionally through Bladestorm Generated over 100 anger and wasted part of your resource. Especially in AoE situations Signet of the tormented kings still great for the Furor-Spec, and the random effect with Bladestorm can be partially circumvented by putting her in the 15 talent row Fresh meat selects and so guaranteed tantrum with bloodthirst for new goals procct.

slot: Bracers, fingers
source: Raid: Generals of the Stone Legion, Nathria Castle

Will of the berserk: As soon as Recklessness ends, your critical strike value is increased by seven percent for eight seconds. Your Furious Strike ability resets the duration of this buff. Even if you as a fury warrior do not particularly benefit from critical hit value, this legendary effect is in theory still a nice damage boost.

In practice, you always have to keep an eye on the buff and be even more careful with the use of Furious Strike. Every now and then you also need a proc of the ability so that you can maintain the short-term buff. Not until 90 seconds later (if Recklessness is ready again) you have another chance to benefit from this buff. So, if possible, make the deathmaker first.

slot: Chest, back
source: Raid: Schlickfaust, Castle Nathria

WoW: Warriors - The First Shadowlands Legendary Guide (2)

WoW: Warriors – The First Shadowlands Legendary Guide (2)

Source: Buffed

The tank has two very powerful legendary effects, both of which are suitable for dungeons and raids. You can even get one of them very easily because it drops in the dungeon. The third and fourth legendary effects are only intended for very special situations.

Thunder Lord: For each of Thunder clap enemies hit becomes the cooldown of Demoralizing reputation decreased by 1.5 seconds. In combination with the talents Thunderous voice, Crackling thunder and Aggression management this is an extremely strong effect for dungeons and also brings you slight advantages against individual targets, there Thunder clap is also used.

You also use the three required talents very often in this 3-way combination. Since this Legendary is easy to get to, it's the first one you should craft. Later you will be able to forge several legendaries anyway and then you have the choice. Provides this legendary – like all other protective items – with the values ​​speed and versatility.

slot: Feet, hands
source: Dungeon: Oryphrion, Peaks of Ascent

The wall: Shield blow generates five additional rage points and reduces the cooldown of Shield wall five seconds with each bet. The wall offers compared to the legendary effect Thunderlord both in dungeons and raids the better effect, but only drops in Castle Nathria – but guaranteed.

The Wall's effect isn't necessarily about reducing the cooldown of Shield wallbut the extra anger that is generated over time. With shield blows you get more rage points, which you can flexibly either offensively or defensively for your mitigation skills Shield block and or to clench teeth can use.

slot: Shoulder, back
source: Raid: Starving Destroyer, Nathria Castle

Unbending will: Shield wall grants all group members 50 percent of the effect (i.e. 25 percent less damage taken). This legendary definitely only occupies a niche position, but it can save the life of your group in special scenarios – for example with very high Mythic Plus keystones or mythical raid encounters. Indomitable will make a difference with good timing, but it is definitely not a top priority on your legendary list.

A legendary effect that can be used in a similar situation is Deformed mirror, the Magic reflection Lasts 60 percent longer and casts it on a nearby ally. This can be useful, for example, if you want to reduce the spell damage of your tank partner, but in a crowd full of melee fighters it can hit the wrong person. But even without the group effect, a little more defensive against magic damage can make all the difference in certain scenarios. Deformed Mirror can be obtained from the Great Treasury (the new weekly reward system) in the capital, Oribos.

slot: Chest, fingers
source: Torghast: Cold Heart Interstitia, Level 3+

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