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If you want to make the gulp unsafe with WoW Shadowlands and surrender yourself to the wrath of the jailer, you have a weekly chance of loot with item level 183 at the event of the same name.

The Maw of the Shadowlands is full of dangers, but also full of rewarding loot: the weekly event Wrath of the jailer takes place at regular intervals in the gullet and rewards you in addition to reputation with Ve'nari with stygia and the chance of a piece of armor with item level 183.

As soon as the event is active, you will see the familiar symbol of the crossed swords on a yellow square on the map of the Maw. The event itself consists of two parts:

  • You have to kill opponents in the event zone until the corresponding progress bar is filled.
  • Then a lieutenant of the jailer has to be killed.

The event boss has a lot of health points, so you should definitely face him in a group. Note: If a player from the opposing faction tags the boss in front of you, you can no longer loot him. If you defeat the boss and complete the event, you will receive 250 reputation points at Ve'nari, around 100 Stygia and with a certain chance a piece of equipment with item level 183. Unfortunately, the latter is not a guaranteed drop. At least there is a nice bonus for druids: The legendary recipe Memory of Arcane Pulsars drops with an apparently high probability during the event.

Also consider the following:

  • The event is weekly. You can take part several times a week, but you will only receive the named loot once a week.
  • The conclusion of the event attracts the wrath of the jailer, so that your threat level in the gullet (eye of the jailer) increases.

We wish you a lot of fun and loot success with the wrath of the jailer!

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