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This week's World of Warcraft PvP brawl will take you to Arathiblizzard, a wintry version of the battlefield classic Arathi Basin, for a bug in the originally scheduled event. Walk through mountains of snow and dense fog between a farm, stables, mine, sawmill and smithy and over a – for the most part – frozen lake! Here all information about the event.

As of Thursday, November 28th, the next PvP scuffle will take place in the current World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion, an event featuring the tomb of the Sargeras patch, which will be held every two weeks with changing battlefield modifications. Here is the official description of the fight Arathiblizzard a.k.a. Winterarathibecken:

Get ready for the uncomfortable weather in this week's PvP brawl. The Arathi BasinAs you know and love, with a fresh layer of snow and ice, it becomes a winter wonderland. Unpack the bathing suit and get the winter coat out. Walk through mountains of snow a path between the yard, stables, mine, sawmill and smithy and over a – for the most part – frozen lake. One more thing: the weather forecast predicts a little fog of war. I hope you are well prepared for this weather.

Have fun with the brawls in this very atmospheric variant of the Arathi Basin!

WoW: PvP Scuffles – General Game Info
Every two weeks, a new PvP frenzy is revealed, in which the rules of the game are slightly changed. Each bout offers different modes, rules, and landscape changes that deviate from the normal style of a battlefield. You can sign up for it via the group browser (shortcut "I") in the tab "Player against player", and just like with random battlefields you also get a reward for the victory here.

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