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It was foreseeable that some bugs would occur after the item and level squish, even if the amount that ultimately sneaked onto the live server was surprising for many. The bug that has now occurred, in which the players suddenly level down instead of level up, should fall under the category curious.

Not even the greatest optimists would have believed that the Blizzard developers could do a complete level and item squish in WoW and would not cause any problems. After all, the WoW code is easily 20 years old and has been rebuilt and expanded again and again. Hundreds of thousands of items, values ​​and millions of numerical values ​​had to be adjusted. Sure, something had to go wrong. And so there were various scaling problems, items do not have the right values, low characters do more damage than high-level ones and in some places the distribution of experience points doesn't really fit. Most of these bugs are not serious enough to prevent you from playing.

It becomes more difficult if you suddenly cannot reach the endgame anymore because you level with your experience points, for example, lower and lower instead of higher. This is what happened to some players now. Instead of going from level 17 to level 18, it just went back down. It is difficult to say whether this is just a display error or the character has actually been downgraded. However, since he was in the starting area of ​​the death knight, which was hit hard by en bugs due to a lot of phasing and various mechanics, we think it is quite possible. It is more likely, however, that the chat ad was simply bugged.

Nevertheless, the player should have got a little shock first. Some players are already joking about the resulting new opportunities, such as a race from level 50 to 1. We didn't want to withhold the funny bug from you and hope that all bugs have been removed from the game by the start of Shadowlands.

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