Even though every nation currently benefits from the "Wind of Wisdom" 100% bonus experience buff, monks have an advantage here – ideally you are a pandaren monk. Pandaren have the national ability "Inner Peace"which – when parked in the inn – grants the coveted 100% rest bonus twice as quickly.

Monks also receive a daily quest in their Pandaria "class hall" at the Kun Lai Summit, in which they compete against one of the monk trainers. The conclusion grants experience points and the one-hour buff "Enlightenment"which increases the experience gained from killing enemies and completing quests by an additional 50%. Incidentally, this one-hour buff can be stacked up to 24 hours in case you want to "work through" with the daily monk quests.

You get another 10% bonus experience for an hour if you account-wide with your main character "Distillate of the ten countries" buy and send to your second character. There are 5 for each Service medals with the quartermaster for service medals, for example for the Horde Provider Mukra in Dazar'alor. While you're leveling in Draenor, another potion with 20% bonus experience does a valuable service, the "Excess potion of accelerated learning". There are 100 each Garrison resources at your garrison armorer, for example Sergeant Grimmkin in Frostwall (Horde). You collect the garrison resources while sacking the Draenor treasures.

Last but not least – and this applies to all races and classes – you can get an experience bonus of around 50% if you completely equip your hero with the so-called Heirloom equipment equips. The dealers for these special armor with experience bonus are located in the main cities of your faction, for example Estelle Gendry in the rogue district in Unterstadt (Horde).

A rested monk in full heirloom gear comes with a daily quest and completed "Wind of Wisdom" buff so temporarily on a whopping 330% bonus experience. After consuming the "Rested" buff and beyond Draenor, it is still 210%. For especially brave people who turn on world PvP, join us "Call" also another bonus from 10% to 30% – depending on the current balance between Alliance and Horde.


The following buffs currently grant you up to 360% bonus experience as a monk:

In the following picture gallery you can see a Mechagnom monk, who will easily unlock his traditional armor in this way.

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