WoW: Winding Corridors – Doesn't turn the mediator into anima

of Sebastian Glanzer
In Torghast you can stock up on great bonuses such as the Insatiable Anima Cell at the Anima dealer. This allows you to transform an opponent into an anime ball (except for elite opponents). We will show you how you get the most benefit from the cell and why you should never use this item in the winding corridors against the mediator himself.

The winding corridors differed somewhat from the other dungeons of the new WoW Shadowlands feature Torghast. Instead of 6 you have to climb 18 levels and the level of difficulty increases accordingly. But the dozen anima bonuses that you have collected until the end will help you with that.

With the mediators you can take a break on all three levels and exchange your collected phantasm for animaboni. One of the items is Insatiable anima cell for 250 phantasm. Anyone who thinks that they still have enough bonuses to easily make the next levels and / or the intermediary does not offer good bonuses for sale can Insatiable anima cell and throw them at the mediator instead of at an opponent. This will give you 400 phantasms (a plus of 150 phantasms). The mediator is then of course also gone. And that's exactly what you should don't do it in the winding corridors!

The Mittler actually have other names and in the winding corridors you meet in contrast to normal runs not only on levels 3 and 6, but also on levels 9, 12, 15 etc. You transform, for example Middle Ve'nott on level 6, it also disappears on levels 9 and 15 and you can no longer buy bonuses with Phantasma!

For those who did not yet know that the intermediaries can be turned into phantasm in this way, they probably do not know that the bonuses offered by the Insatiable anima cell differ depending on the mob. For example, if you drop one of the Necromancers with it, it can receive the special bonus Markscheffler drop. Just try out the anima cell with different mobs and choose the bonuses that make the most sense for your spec.


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