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WoW player Zmok makes it clear that even the very high Mythic Plus keystones can be created without the normal group composition. For example, in his videos he shows how to complete +15 dungeons without tanks, healers and sometimes even without damage dealers in time.

Zmok was already one of the best paladin healers in the high Mythic Plus keystones in Battle for Azeroth and is known for funny runs with unusual group compositions apart from the high keys. So he mastered scrapyard +20 with 5 tanks with his group. In Shadowlands he is also looking for new challenges in the Mythic Plus area.

Lately, for example, he has ventured into the +14 Mists of Tirna Scithe with 5 Moonkins or tried 5 Protection Paladins during one Dreadful -Week to get through the dungeon. Because that was too easy, he tried what it actually is to run through a +15 dungeon with the currently worst M + healer (mistweaver monk) with item level 160. His group managed to get by without a healer in a +19 fog from Tirna Scithe and was even very successful.

World First 5 DpS +14 Keystone

With 5 boomkins – without a healer and without a tank – it went into a +14 fog from Tirna Scithe. A lot of kiting, rooting, pushing away and healing on the side was the order of the day.

Item level 160 Mistweaver in +15 Bloody Depths

With some support from his healing paladin, Zmok sweated through a +15 dungeon on his fogweaver with item level 160.

5 Protection Paladins vs. Bloody Depths with Terrible

The same dungeon got it to +15. But this time without a healer and without a damage distributor. With tank paladins doing enough damage and healing, that wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

Runs without a healer are becoming increasingly popular. A class that heals on the side and lots of CC are enough in most situations to be successful.

Zmok completed the runs without a healer in January

Mythic +15 without a healer with four warriors

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