Do you still remember what you were up to on November 13th or 14th, 2008? If you are one of the veterans of the WoW community, you have probably taken your first steps in Northrend and faced the new Scourge of Lich King Arthas. Or maybe you've leveled your very first death knight through the starting area, the hero class that first found its way into Azeroth.

The WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King is just celebrating its twelve year birthday, while we are returning to Eiskrone in the pre-event of Shadowlands. We therefore say: Congratulations and take the opportunity to briefly review. What was new and memorable in the world of Warcraft back then?

The expansion, which for many fans to this day is considered one of the best or perhaps even the best of all, contained various innovations that should change WoW permanently:

  • The new maximum level was 80.
  • The death knights came into play as the first hero class and with their own starting area.
  • Nordend expanded the game world to include another continent and for the first time offered two different start zones in order to equalize the rush of the players on the new content.
  • The Storm Peaks feature one of the most famous and popular raids in World of Warcraft history (buy now € 14.99 ), namely Ulduar, who is remembered by many players to this day because of the iconic boss fights and the rare Mount Mimiron head.
  • The Argent Tournament in Icecrown offers a completely new daily quest experience, in which a dungeon and a raid are embedded – but they are not well received by all players.
  • At the gate of anger, one of the most memorable moments in the WoW story comes when the Horde and Alliance confront the Lich King, but are betrayed by the Dread Lord Varimathras. The pharmacists' association unleashes the specially developed epidemic on both factions and triggers a massacre that kills both Bolvar Fordragon and Dranosh Saurfang.
  • A good year after the release, on December 8th, 2009, we finally get the opportunity to take revenge and are allowed to raid against the Lich King in the Ice Crown Citadel and finally kill him.

Sara thinks: Although I've been actively playing World of Warcraft since the vanilla beta, I have particularly positive memories of Wrath of the Lich King. The add-on was not only the first that I got myself as a Collector's Edition, but it also drew me in particular with its story. The Gate of Wrath and the subsequent quest series about the Battle of the Undercity drew me more under their spell than almost any other story event in World of Warcraft before – and probably afterwards (let's see what Shadowlands brings). I loved the starting area of ​​the death knights and played my DK as a tank throughout the expansion. I thought it was great that Blizzard had decided to provide two starting areas at the same time – I thought with horror of my first steps in the completely overcrowded and over-farmed Hölenfire Peninsula.

I also belong to the minority of players who actually liked the Argent tournament, including the dungeon and raid. Admittedly, Arthas' sometimes comic-like villainism seemed a bit exaggerated at some point, but at least it made me even more likely to give him a shot at the end of the expansion. And the fact that Eiskrone was optically based on Mordor also contributed to the fact that Wrath of the Lich King is at the top of the list of the best WoW add-ons for me – even if I'm still chasing the blue proto-dragon …

But now we want to know from you: How do you remember Wrath of the Lich King? Do you think it's one of the best WoW expansions ever? Let us know and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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