Stardew Valley has proven to be an extremely successful indie game in recent years and is now available on numerous platforms. The cute graphics may be part of it, but the game could also cut a good figure in a more modern look – a fan proves this with his Dreams project, which you can now use to write your own stories.

The Pelican city is the name of the place in Stardew Valley where players can complete tasks, complete challenges and get to know the villagers. Lewis has always been the mayor and, to some extent, ensures law and order.

The graphic style from Stardew Valley gives the game its very own charm, but the location also cuts a very good figure in 3D. Twitch streamer Tooshi has pelican city on with the PS4 game Dreams decent upgrade misses and conveys the feeling of being on site.

It doesn't always have to be standard.

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This is what Stardew Valley looks like in 3D

In his video, Tooshi can control his character through Pelikan City and the 3D graphics enjoy here to the fullest. He thought of all the details – of all the houses, the Joja market, the benches in the center and signs. Numerous characters are also on the move, but unfortunately you cannot interact with them. The houses cannot be entered yet.

Nevertheless, this is one cute stagewho have favourited Tooshi like for own Creations:

"I designed it so that others can use this set / scene to make cool games, stories and films with it!"

If you've always wanted to write your own story in Stardew Valley, now is your chance.