from Dominik Zwingmann
Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke in a recent interview about the possible price increase of games for the upcoming generation of consoles. Recently, there has been widespread speculation that titles for PS5 and Xbox Series X will be released with a new standard price of $ 70. The background here is above all the significantly increasing costs for the production of a video game.

After publisher 2K Games announced a few weeks ago that NBA 2K21 for PS5 and Xbox Series X will be slightly more expensive than the current generation at $ 70, fans and experts are speculating wildly about a potential price increase for Next -Gen games. In a short interview Xbox Spokesman Phil Spencer has now spoken on the subject with the Washington Post.

"As an industry, we can price our things however we want, and then the customer will decide which price is right for them. I have nothing against the people who set a new price for their games because I know they are make their decisions based on their economic interests. But players today have more choices than they ever had. I know that in the end the customer will have control over the price they want to pay – and I trust this system. "

However, Phil Spencer did not want to reveal whether the games of his Xbox Game Studios will also be available in stores with the launch of the new generation for $ 70. Alternatively, users would still have the option to use the Xbox Game Pass for € 10 a month to play all new Xbox Game Studios titles from day 1 onwards with a subscription. Former Sony chairman Shawn Layden has also recently commented on the rising costs of an AAA game. According to him, the current price model is no longer really affordable for developers.

Source: The Washington Post

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