Friday, July 30, 2021

Xbox Chef "even more satisfied" with Microsoft's new console

After unveiling the first technical details on the PS5, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is very confident that he has made the right decisions regarding the Xbox Series X.

After the first, very technical, presentation of the PS5, the first serious comparisons can now be made between the two consoles of the next generation. In IGN's podcast Unlocked (No. 437) Xbox chief Phil Spencer explained what he had learned from the competition's presentation regarding the Xbox Series X booth.

Regarding Mark Cerny's PS5 preantation, Spencer said:

"When we saw the public presentation, I was even happier with the choices we made for our platform."

He added a little later that he expected it that way. On paper, the Xbox Series X is technically slightly ahead in terms of GPU and CPU, the PS5 scores with advantages in terms of SSD and memory usage. There are no worlds between the consoles on the hardware side.

Even if Microsoft and Sony are in competition for the upcoming console generation, so Spencer is already planning for the time after the consoles. In an interview in February 2020, he said that the real competitors are more Google and Amazon with their cloud gaming services and Microsoft is already positioning itself in this area. This may be difficult to imagine at the current state of Google Stadia, but this is about long-term plans that go beyond individual console generations.

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But let's go back to the current situation. Sony and Microsoft are currently still sticking to their Lauch plans for the 2020 Christmas season. For many players, teraflops and eight-core CPUs are likely to play a subordinate role. What is important is the smooth and graphically exciting game experience and of course the titles themselves.