Xbox: Digital Direct presented – Bundles will no longer contain game codes in the future

from Dominik Zwingmann
Digital Direct will replace paper cards with game codes in Xbox bundles. Microsoft officially announced this today. With the new system, games included in the bundle are linked to your account directly when the console is set up.

Microsoft managers will no longer put game codes in their console bundles. But don't worry: there will still be packages consisting of console and game. Only the activation of these titles will now be different.

Microsoft has introduced a new system called Digital Direct. Games, DLCs or subscriptions are now linked to your Microsoft account when you set up your console. Of course you can only unlock the content later. You can find this option in the settings in the Account area. Microsoft already has one website where you can view the individual steps of Digital Direct. So far, the console bundles have always included paper cards with a code that you could then redeem in the Microsoft Store.

According to current reports, the package consisting of Xbox One X and Cyberpunk 2077 is already being shipped with Digital Direct. The special edition of the console was introduced in April. Below we have included a video of the bundle for you.

Source: Microsoft

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