Microsoft announces the next update for the Xbox Game Pass. In November, subscribers can look forward to games for PC, Xbox and the cloud, which will be added to the offer in the next few days.

Many highlights are ahead

In the first half of the month, players will be offered numerous well-known titles in the Xbox Game Pass. Forza Horizon 5 and Football Manager 2022 will be available immediately for launch. The new edition of GTA: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition can also be played soon. Together with EA Play, It Takes Two is also one of the innovations. We have prepared a list of all new additions including dates below.

Xbox Game Pass / New Items November 2021

  • 2. November – Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Editions / PC
  • November 2nd – Unpacking / PC, console and cloud
  • 4. November – It Takes Two / PC, Konsole und Cloud (EA Play)
  • 4. November – Kill It with Fire / PC, Konsole und Cloud
  • 9. November – Football Manager 2022 / PC
  • November 9 – Football Manager 2022: Xbox Edition / PC, Console and Cloud
  • November 9 – Forza Horizon 5 / PC, console and cloud
  • 11. November – GTA: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition / Konsole
  • 11. November – One Step from Eden / PC und Konsole

These games are disappearing from Xbox Game Pass

In the middle of the month, however, games from the Xbox Game Pass are also saying goodbye. There are six titles that will no longer be playable via the offer from November 15th. So if you want to try one of these titles out, hurry up. In our overview you can find out which games will be removed soon.

Xbox Game Pass / Exits November 15, 2021

  • Final Fantasy 8 HD / PC and console
  • Planet Coaster / Console and Cloud
  • Star Renegades / PC, Console and Cloud
  • Streets of Rogue / PC, Konsole und Cloud
  • The Gardens Between / PC, Konsole und Cloud
  • River City Girls / PC, Konsole und Cloud

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