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In a podcast with Major Nelson, Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about the current state of the Xbox Game Pass. Accordingly, the service should not only work very well for Microsoft, but also for the developers. In an interview, he also gives an outlook on how the Xbox Game Pass could work with the new Xbox.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer sat down with Microsoft Communication Manager Larry Hryb at the end of the year and in one podcast talked about the past year and future of Xbox. Among other things, it was about the current status of the Xbox Game Pass, which according to Phil Spencer has more than successfully started.

"It really works very, very well on the PC and I know that we are still in the preview phase – and we are still learning, but the success on the PC was really incredible. The catalog is getting bigger and bigger – and on the console just went through the roof (the Xbox Game Pass). "

Phil Spencer also revealed in the podcast that the Microsoft team spent over five years planning the Xbox Game Pass. During this time, the service was initially referred to as "Gameflix" and later as "Arches". In an interview, the Xbox boss also answers the frequently asked question of fans whether the Xbox Game Pass can maintain this performance in the coming years. Especially with a view to the Xbox Series X in 2020.

"I can say that the Xbox Game Pass is going very well for us and the people who are in it. And I think it will be very interesting when the Xbox comes out next year and players think of it. 'Wait a second, I already have it Library of games on this platform. We have never had a console released with such a collection of games on the first day. "

However, those in charge of Microsoft do not want to reveal how many subscribers the Xbox Game Pass currently has. Just last week, the service was expanded to include new games like Untitled Goose Game or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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