Xbox Game Pass: Try out xCloud as an Ultimate subscriber now

from Dominik Zwingmann
Microsoft has surprisingly launched a beta test for xCloud, which is now available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Currently, players only have to be content with a limited selection of games. Around 30 titles are currently playable with xCloud. At the start in September there will be over 100 games.

It wasn't that long ago that Microsoft announced the integration of xCloud into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The streaming service was actually not supposed to go live until September 15, 2020, but those responsible have now launched a "limited beta test" at short notice. According to Microsoft, this should enable an easier transition for the actual launch in September.

All Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers with an Android smartphone now have the chance to extensively test xCloud. There are currently only 30 games to choose from for the beta. At the official start there will be over 100 titles. To gain access to xCloud, all players need to do is download the Xbox Game Pass app. Originally the streaming service was also planned for iOS, but Apple's guidelines currently make a launch for Microsoft impossible.

A few days ago, the Xbox team revealed several details about xCloud. Among other things, a cooperation with partners such as Razer, PowerA, 8BitDo and NACON, who bring licensed accessories for mobile devices onto the market, was announced. Last week, the creators also showed a small foretaste of the list of games that will be compatible with xCloud at launch. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for 12.99 euros a month and gives you access to hundreds of games for Xbox One and PC. Xbox Live Gold is also included.

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