Xbox Live Gold: Happily price increase

Update: Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox Live Gold price increase for the US and other "select markets". Like the publisher in one current blog entry announces, the six-month subscription will actually cost $ 59.99 from now on – just as much as an annual membership previously. The one-month membership price increases by one dollar to $ 10.99. The three-month subscription will cost $ 29.99 – an increase of $ 5. Microsoft has not yet given any updated prices for Germany. In the English blog entry, the company adds that existing members with a twelve- or six-month subscription can renew at the current price.

original: There seems to be a steep price increase for the subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold. On Reddit, photos of American gold top-up cards are currently circulating, which indicate a price of 59.99 US dollars for a six-month membership – that would be a price increase of 100 percent. Thus, the six-month subscription would cost just as much as the original annual membership, which Microsoft suddenly removed from the Microsoft Store in July of last year. Since then, Microsoft has only offered subscriptions for one and three months. Top-up cards for an annual subscription are now available in stores – at Amazon in this country for just under 60 euros.

In the US, the monthly subscription currently costs 10 US dollars, three months around 25 US dollars. Because two three-month memberships would be cheaper than the supposedly new six-month subscription, it can be assumed that Microsoft will also increase the prices of the other subscription variants. In Germany, Xbox Live Gold is currently available from the Microsoft Store for 6.99 euros (one month) and 19.99 euros (three months). A new six-month subscription could be available in this country for the equivalent of 50 or 60 euros – if the information on the pictures circulating on Reddit should be confirmed.

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Xbox Live Gold members can try three games for free this weekend.

With an Xbox Live Gold subscription, users get access to the multiplayer components of their games, party entertainment and other convenience functions. In addition, there are exclusive deals in the Microsoft Store as well as a monthly changing range of games that can be downloaded within a membership at no additional cost. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will then possibly also increase the price of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription: In addition to a game flat rate with over 100 games, membership also includes a gold membership with Xbox Live Gold. The Ultimate subscription currently costs 12.99 euros per month. Microsoft has not yet commented on a possible price increase. Therefore, you should take the information with caution. In our news area we keep you up to date on the latest developments.

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