Project Scarlett was yesterday: The new Xbox got a new name and (!) A final design with yesterday's Game Awards.

The Next-Gen Xbox is now finally a box and carries a very confusing name: Xbox Series X. Xbox boss Phil Spencer says goodbye to Xbox Scarlett and introduces the final design of the new console.

Check out the Xbox Series X Trailer:

The design of the Xbox Series X.

Unlike the classic consoles, the Xbox Series X is more like a PC. As seen in the picture, it is a box that can be placed vertically as well as horizontally. According to Spencer, it has four times as much computing power as the Xbox One and the design reflects the functional nature of the console.

A concrete release date was not mentioned. Nevertheless, she will continue to appear for Christmas Business 2020.

Developers are coming around the corner with ever stranger names. However, we did not notice this phenomenon until today:

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Microsoft does not seem to have that name. Each console has a more unusual name than the other one. What do you think of the design and the name? Write us in the comments.