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from Andreas Bertits
As soon as Microsoft has presented the new Xbox Series S console, the first memes that make fun of the design are already rolling in. It has now become a kind of "sport" to drag the look of the next-gen consoles through the cocoa.

With the Xbox Series S Microsoft has surprisingly presented the smaller version of the Xbox Series X – including a picture and price of 299 euros. But the design already leads to memes.

A washing machine as a console?

Already the look of the Xbox Series X (buy now € 59.00 ) made sure that some gamer made fun of it. For example, the black box is often depicted as a refrigerator. And now a washing machine joins this design. Twitter user Maisey posted a picture of a kitchen with the Xbox Series X as a refrigerator and the Series S as a washing machine next to it. The round fan opening is seen as the door of the household appliance.

PI-Samurai, on the other hand, sees the Xbox Series S as a heater for a whirlpool and for nfsromplayer04 the console is more of a single-plate stove. Danny, on the other hand, noticed that the new console was very similar to one Pair of Sony speakers Has.

Mitch Wondon challenges Microsoft to print Craig the Brute from Halo Infinite on the console so that it looks like it is looking out of a black hole (the fan).

Not only does Microsoft get rid of its fat when it comes to the design of the console, the Internet has already made fun of the appearance of the PS5. Apparently, it has somehow become part of mocking the look of the new consoles. In the end, it is not the design of the devices that really counts, but what they can do and what games are fun on them.

And let's face it, if a washing machine were to play exciting video games, that would be kind of cool, wouldn't it?

Source: Eurogamer

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