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At the launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, expandable storage with a size of 1TB will be available in stores. Now Microsoft has revealed the price of the first Seagate model. A total of $ 219.99 must be paid for the memory card. The internal SSD hard drive of the Xbox Series X offers 1TB – the Xbox Series S has 512GB.

Microsoft has announced details of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S expandable memory. The memory cards can be inserted on the back of the two consoles and have a size of 1TB. The transfer speed is on par with the internal SSD hard drive. For the time being, only Seagate storage will be available for launch on November 10, 2020. According to Microsoft, however, other providers and sizes are planned in the future. Those responsible have now also revealed the price of the first memory card for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

A total of US $ 219.99 is due for the Seagate model. Fans are a little surprised at the high cost of the memory card. A copy costs only 80 US dollars less than the Xbox Series S. And especially the small next-gen console from Microsoft could use a memory expansion for some players.

Unlike the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series S will only offer 512GB of internal storage. The flagship is delivered with 1TB. However, according to Microsoft, the installation sizes of games for the Xbox Series S will be up to 30 percent smaller than the Xbox Series X will be. USB mass storage devices will offer a cheaper alternative to the new memory cards. You can store your games here if you don't currently need them on the SSD hard drive. If the title has no benefits with Xbox Series X (buy now ) or Xbox Series S, it can also be started directly from the USB storage device on your console.

Source: Xbox News

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