The PlayStation 5 is permanently sold out. Some players have lost their patience in the meantime: They have changed consoles, left Sony behind and are now playing on the Xbox Series X. For me, however, it does not even come in the bag – and there are many reasons.

PlayStation 5

“Out of stock” – Anyone looking for a PlayStation 5 will have the lettering burned into their retina. Regardless of whether Amazon, MediaMarkt, Saturn, Otto and Co., the next-gen console is nowhere available.

That’s why my colleague Gregor decided a few weeks ago to buy an Xbox Series X that is much easier to get to – and he’s actually a die-hard PlayStation gamer too! The reasoning for his purchase decision I can understand – nevertheless I prefer to wait a few more months for a PS5. But why actually?

Sorry Xbox, but Sony has the better exclusive games!

Even if the higher graphics power of the Xbox Series X appeals to me as a hardware junkie, in the end something plays a much bigger role for me: the exclusive games. God of War, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima – these are all games that have really knocked me off my feet in the last few years. And where did I play it? On my PS4, of course!

In the meantime, Sony has softened its platform exclusivity a little, but the focus will continue to be on the consoles. In a nutshell: If I want more of these series of games, I can’t get past the PlayStation 5.

It looks a little different with the Xbox Series X / S. As an avid PC gamer, I can play most Xbox games on my computer. And since Halo never cast a spell over me anyway, this gap in my gaming vita is no problem for me either.

Better Xbox Series backward compatibility: I couldn’t care less

What speaks in favor of the Microsoft consoles, however, is the significantly better downward compatibility. Not only Xbox One games can be started on the new generation, games from the Xbox 360 and Xbox era are also available. Sounds great on paper, but I’m personally not interested in the bean.

I also want to play brand new games on a new consoleand not a couple of well-hung hams that are more than a decade under their belts. As a second or third console, I could still imagine something like an Xbox Series S – but that’s another topic.

Hardly any PS5 games: I can still wait for the console without any problems

The next important question: is it really that bad that the PS5 is nowhere for sale? Honestly? No it is not. If you look at the list of games that are now exclusively available for the PS5, you will notice that the portfolio is quite thin. Horizon: Forbidden West is only coming in a few months, a new part of The Last of Us only appeared about a year ago and God of War Ragnarök is still a long time coming.

Admittedly, I would like to play the remake of Demon’s Souls in a crisp look, and Returnal and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart also look quite nice – but currently I’m missing a real system seller. As long as it doesn’t exist, buying a console is not worth it for me either.

Better graphics and shorter loading times? I can do without that right now

The PS5’s shortened loading times are also a nice selling point – only there is a small, 2.5-inch problem. I recently decided to give my PS4 Pro a small memory upgrade that has a similar effect. The built-in hard drive was replaced by an SSD – Long loading times are a thing of the past.

How you can give your PS4 a boost in speed, we explain in the video:

And since I am currently playing on a 43-inch full HD TV with 60 Hz in the living room, I also don’t care about the stronger graphics performance of the PS5.

PS5 nowhere available: that’s only half as wild!

If the PlayStation 5 only spoils my living room with its looks that take getting used to at Christmas or maybe even from the summer of next year, I can get over it – also as a Sony fan who has been using the PlayStation for 17 years.

The Series X, on the other hand, does not come into my house despite the shortage of PS5 and a positive first impression. Sorry Microsoft, but my console heart still only beats for Sony!

But what about you guys? Did you ever get fed up and got an Xbox Series X / S instead? Or do you prefer to continue waiting for the PS5 to finally be available in the online shop without any problems? Discuss with us in the comments on Facebook.

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