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Fans are still eagerly awaiting the announcement of the release date and price for the Xbox Series X. It is assumed that further details on the new console will follow in September. It is now taken for granted that Microsoft will publish a cheaper version of its new Xbox in addition to the top model. Now there are new indications of an Xbox Series S. The details this time come from a voucher for the Xbox Game Pass. It is possible that Microsoft will position the S model on the market alongside the Xbox Series X. The release of the new generation of consoles is scheduled for November.

Microsoft is still covered with a specific release date and price for the Xbox Series X. What is certain so far is that the new console on the market in November should come. There are no concrete release plans so far, but are expected for an upcoming event. Recently there have been rumors about another one Showcase in September 2020. The fact that the Redmond-based company will also bring a cheaper Xbox Series S to the market in addition to the top model is now also considered to be set.

Microsoft has not officially presented the Xbox Series S so far. Rumors and hints about a cheaper version of the new Xbox generation have been circulating for weeks through the vastness of the Internet. A new hint comes from Twitter user "BraviaryBrendan". The user writes about the short message service that he received a test membership for the Xbox Game Pass together with the purchase of a new controller. (buy now for € 59.00)

The back of the current promo card for the game flat rate is striking. Because in addition to the Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S has recently been mentioned there. The Ultimate Membership "includes Xbox Live Gold and unlimited access to over 100 games for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10". This should set the release of an S-model of the new Xbox generation. Rumor has it that the Xbox Series S will offer less performance than the Xbox Series X with just under 4 teraflops, but the same games will run on the hardware. It remains to be seen whether the S model will possibly do without a disc drive and thus only play digitally acquired games. An announcement from Microsoft has not yet been received.

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