of Johannes Gehrling
The planned release of the new Microsoft gaming platform Xbox Series X is getting closer and new information is always coming up about exactly how the new Xbox works and what features the console offers. For example, you only have to buy Microsoft's own titles once and then run on both the new hardware and the (still) current Xbox One. Now another feature has been announced by Larry Hryb from Microsoft in the official Xbox podcast: You can continue to play seamlessly even after rebooting the console; right where you left off.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled to be released at the end of the year, i.e. in the same period as Sony's next-gen platform PlayStation 5. As a result, information about how the new Microsoft machine works and what features it should offer is gradually being published , One thing is clear: neat performance will probably be under the hood. But nowadays that alone is no longer enough to convince customers and players. Therefore, the game companies rely on features that they consider useful or that are explicitly desired by gamers.

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A feature that falls under the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb from Microsoft, got known. In the official Xbox podcast said the (translated accordingly) that you can the console "restart and go straight back to the game and get back in – the feature survives a reboot."

Put simply, you are playing on the Xbox Series X. You pause the game in progress and put the console in standby. You come back later, drive the console back up and continue gaming right at this point. Or: You play, restart the Xbox Series X completely (for example because of an update) and also continue to gamble directly at this point. The sometimes very tedious reloading of a game is no longer necessary, and the (automatic) storage function loses its importance.

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