It appears that some copies of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X were seduced and sent to pre-orderers. But that doesn't mean you should be hopeful too.

Some lucky gamers already own the Xbox Series X / S

A gamer announced on Reddit that his Xbox Series X (buy now ) suddenly and without notice. He himself was surprised when UPS rang the doorbell and handed him the package. Another player reports something similar about the delivery of his Xbox Series S. Others say they have already received a shipping confirmation, but the consoles haven't yet. It seems like some consoles were accidentally shipped and delivered before the actual leek date. This is probably an oversight and an exception – if the reports are correct at all. At least one photo seems to prove it, but this one could also be faked.

If the reports are true, then – as already mentioned – there are certainly rare exceptional cases. The majority of Microsoft's next-gen consoles won't be delivered until November 10th. For some customers, the purchase amount is only now being debited, which indicates that a delivery will take place shortly. At least we can assume that there will be no delays in the delivery of the consoles. You should get to pre-orderers right on time on November 10th. Together with the ordered launch games, so that you can get started right away.

Have you already received shipping confirmations or maybe even your console? Then let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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