Xbox Series X: Games could also run on Xbox One

from Andreas Bertits
Would you like to play the upcoming games for Xbox Series X / S, but are struggling to buy a new console? According to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, this may not even be necessary …

You may not have received an Xbox Series X yet, or you may be planning to wait to buy a new console. But if cool games for next-gen come out, then you would definitely like to play them … It is quite conceivable that you can play the new titles without a next-gen console.

Microsoft attaches great importance to cloud gaming. It is possible to stream games to PC or mobile devices. And this is exactly the technology that could be used to make games for the Xbox Series X. (buy now )/ S to play on Xbox One. Microsoft's Phil Spencer thinks this is entirely possible.

"If we think about the Xbox One, then yes, it could absolutely be a good way for us to bridge the generations and let people play these games," said Phil Spencer in an interview. He also believes the technology for this is not far away: "I don't think it will take years. We basically just have to do the work that is necessary, but we know how to do it."

So it would be absolutely conceivable that the upcoming next-gen games could be available via streaming on the Xbox One. In that case it would not be necessary to buy a new console. Of course, that would have limitations. Cloud gaming depends on the stability and speed of the internet connection. Playing natively on the Xbox Series X / S would arguably be more enjoyable and look better too. However, Microsoft is constantly working to improve the cloud experience. So in a few years this could go really well.

Source: Kotaku

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