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The people in charge at Microsoft show humor and make the "the new Xbox Series X looks like a refrigerator" meme a reality. The Youtuber iJustine, who has made a name for herself with her tech videos, was allowed to heave the cooling, black block out of the pack … well ….

As at the Game Awards 2019 that Tower design of the Xbox Series X was presented, the Internet celebrated the birth of numerous memes. The chunky, black tower would also cut a fine figure as a standing ashtray, high-rise building, sound boxes, central table leg or refrigerator.

Now those responsible at Microsoft have shown a lot of humor with a new marketing campaign for the next Xbox generation and made the last-mentioned meme a reality. Apparently three large refrigerators in the Xbox Series X design were commissioned. One unit was probably given to rapper Snoop Dogg as a birthday present (including Xbox cake, extravagant rapper jewelry and gin & juice).

The well-known Youtuber iJustine (6.7 million subscribers), who has made a name for herself with her tech videos, was also allowed to heave the cooling, black block out of the pack … well …. It goes without saying that she captured the whole thing in color and moving images, as is typical for YouTube.

And a third unit of the Xbox cooling unit will, according to iJustine, have a competition on the Xbox Twitter channel to be brought to the people. We keep our fingers crossed for anyone interested, the refrigerator is pretty cool (although perhaps a bit clunky for the kitchen by the author of these lines). The two Xbox Series generation consoles will be released on November 10thThe high-performance X version will cost 499 euros and the S version for bargain hunters will cost 299 euros.

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