Xbox Series X: Microsoft explains the unusual design of the console

from Andreas Bertits
The Xbox Series X frowned when Microsoft showed the design of the console. But there is a good reason for the look, which Microsoft explains.

Players were amazed at the design of the Xbox Series XMicrosoft has thought of something and explains what.

Unusual design for effective cooling

When designing the Xbox Series X, Microsoft was keen to avoid making the console louder than the Xbox One X despite the GPU being twice as high and the CPU being four times as powerful. Therefore, a completely new design had to be developed. The increased power consumption results in a more powerful 315 watt power supply. This means that the console has to be cooled more.

Microsoft therefore came up with the idea of ​​dividing the mainboard into two parts. The components to be cooled, such as voltage converters, RAM and the APU, are located on one part. On the other half we find the I / O components. The two halves are then attached to two sides of the same aluminum tray. Half with the APU gets the cooler donated. The heat is released into the air. The structure of the console divides the airflow that on the one hand hits the APU, but on the other hand is routed to the power supply unit via the I / O board. The NVMe SSD must also be cooled so that it does not slow down due to the heat. According to Microsoft, the construction of the Xbox Series X to a 70 percent better airflow. The console is cooled more effectively.

Microsoft explains that most of the players responded positively to the design of the Xbox Series X, although of course space problems can arise because the new console is higher than its predecessor in every situation. According to current plans, the Xbox Series X is scheduled to hit the stores in late 2020.

Source: Eurogamer via PC games hardware

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