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After some criticism of the design of Xbox Series X game packaging, Microsoft took this feedback to heart and made adjustments. The cover should now put the motif in the foreground more.

When Microsoft designed the game packaging for the upcoming titles of the Xbox Series X introduced, this did not meet with much mutual love. The problem was that a rather large logo disturbed the actual motif.

Microsoft listens to the players

The "Xbox Series X Enhanced" logo has been very large and prominent on the front of future game boxes for the Xbox Series X titles. It was just annoying and took up too much space. The actual motif moved into the background, especially if you add the USK logo. Accordingly, some players criticized Microsoft's decision.

The company heard this feedback and now presented the new packaging design. The logo for "Xbox Series X Enhanced" can no longer be found on the front. This is now on the back. So everyone just has to turn the box over and then recognize whether the game has been optimized or improved for the Xbox Series X. The motif in front comes into focus again and so a game box cuts a good figure even on the shelf.

The feedback on the new design is now much more positive. However, it is still criticized that the box for Xbox Series X titles still looks too similar to the Xbox One games, which makes it a bit more difficult, especially in the transition phase to the next-gen console, the version for the to find your own console. At least at first glance. The system can be seen on closer inspection.

The new Xbox Series X console is expected to continue to be available at the end of the year.

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