It should come as no surprise that the Microsoft team will be launching more models from the Xbox Series range in the coming years. However, it will probably take a long time here, since the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were only released a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, Microsoft has now caused speculation about a new model. At the start of the year there was a Trademark protection requested.

The company has secured the term "Xbox Series XS". There is no statement from Microsoft on trademark registration. At the moment it is not possible to say exactly what an Xbox Series XS would be and whether the term will ever be used at all. Among other things, a smaller version of the Xbox Series X is conceivable, which is then equipped without a drive, for example, but delivers the same performance as the current top model of the Xbox series.

Already with the Xbox Series S Microsoft relies on a console without a drive. The team is thus moving its own services such as the Xbox Game Pass further into focus. With the PS5 Digital Edition, Sony also offers the same console – just without a drive – in stores. In addition, it is unclear whether the name of a possible Xbox Series XS could not even be a bit misleading for one or the other customer. We'll keep you up to date. According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the production of the two next-gen consoles is currently in full swing.

Source: USPTO

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