Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke in a podcast about the current delivery situation for the Xbox Series X. So he can understand the frustration of the fans who are still waiting for their own console. However, it is difficult for Phil Spencer to find a correct solution in this case. Because many sales of the next-gen console come through partner dealers such as Amazon and there were occasional difficulties there, the Xbox boss was asked whether Microsoft had considered selling more consoles directly to fans and the public.

"We want to give people the feeling that there are consoles for sale (at launch in stores) and that it's not just the day everyone picks up their console. I don't know if that's the right decision these days . It is no longer appropriate for people to stand in line outside a shop (…) We should challenge ourselves there. "

Phil Spencer then named an idea that received approval from some fans. So it was thought that fans would book a slot for their console. This would let them know in advance that their Xbox Series X (buy now ) comes off the assembly line on a certain day and is delivered. For the future, Microsoft would like to work on new solutions. Both next-gen consoles are still sold out within a very short time – as soon as stocks are replenished. Only the Xbox Series S can currently be easily purchased from various retailers. We will keep you up to date.

via GameSpot

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