Microsoft recently donated a fat update to the Xbox Series X / S, an FPS boost, which is supposed to tease out the true power of the consoles. A few games are already benefiting from this, now the turbo is being ignited in other popular games.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X / S: Microsoft improves Bethesda games

Xbox series backward compatibility is a handy feature, but games with a 30 FPS cap are not uncommon. That should change, according to Xbox program director Larry Hryb, as he revealed in a video cast.

Some Bethesda games will receive one FPS boost on the new consoles. So that we almost double the original frame rate for selected titles. The result is higher, more constant frame rates, which ensure that the games can be played much more smoothly. The following games benefit from the boost:

Original article from February 18, 2021:

Mega update for Xbox Series X / S: Next-gen consoles just got better

Microsoft has given Xbox Series X and Series S a fat update. The new software unleashes the true power of the next-gen consoles – Xbox gamers should be delighted with the change. In addition, it has already been announced that the new feature will be expanded even further in the future.

FPS boost for Xbox Series X / S: Microsoft turns on the turbo

The backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X / S is an important factor for many gamers, especially now – shortly after the next-gen consoles were launched. Because apart from The Medium, the range of pure next-gen games is limited. Now Microsoft is donating an update to the two consoles that many players have asked for: Xbox Series X and Series S get an "FPS Boost Feature".

The new function ensures that some last-gen games run at a higher frame rate after the update, meaning that they play much more smoothly. More precisely, the performance of the selected games doubles or triples, as announced by Xbox in an official blog post. The following games benefit from the new "FPS Boost Feature":

What is the difference between the Xbox Series S and Series X? We explain it to you in the video:

New feature for Xbox Series X / S: Microsoft stays on the ball

Although the selection of supported games is still very poor at the moment, Microsoft has already announced that it is working on to provide even more games with the feature in the future. By the way: The use of the new function is completely optional for all Xbox players and can be deactivated at any time via the compatibility options of the Xbox Series X / S.

The new consoles are full of surprises:

Players can also find out whether a game can make use of the FPS boost in the “Compatibility Options” menu. If the function is active, a corresponding icon also appears in the dashboard overlay at the top right of the screen:

Watch Dogs 2 with active FPS boost (Image: Microsoft)

Good news for developers: You don't have to optimize the games afterwards to take advantage of the "FPS Boost Feature". The function only shows the new hardware strengths of the next-gen consoles.

Thanks to the combination of a new processor, new graphics chip and faster SSD, Xbox Series X and Series S still have a lot of power reserves when it comes to Xbox One games. Now it is up to Microsoft to make the function available in other games as quickly as possible.