Xbox Series X supposedly extremely hot during operation – update: no heat problem – current game

from André Left
According to recent reports, the Xbox Series X will develop extreme heat when in use. One journalist even compared it to a chimney or heater. However, it was a preliminary model of the console. Update: No Microsoft console overheating problem.

Update: Giantbomb editor Jeff Bakalar refutes the heat problem via Twitter. The editors jokingly talked in a video about the Xbox Series X. Statements were taken out of context to suggest that the Xbox Series X had a heat problem. The full video of the Giant Bomb beastcast episode can be found below these lines.

Original message: Some journalists recently had the opportunity to take a closer look at a model of the Xbox Series X for a few days before the official release. As with the PS5, they attested that the console from Microsoft had a very low operating noise that was barely noticeable in the games previously used. However, in return, it seems to be struggling with a major temperature problem.

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At least that's what a report by journalist Ken Bogard from the French magazine Jeux Video says. In a video on Twitch he provided the copy of the Xbox Series X made available to him (buy now ) a little more precisely and explained what he has experienced with her. Among other things, he talked about the enormous heat development according to his statements:

"The Series X is hot, so really hot! It doesn't make any noise, but it's damn hot! The console radiates heat like crazy. It's almost like a chimney. You can use it to warm up your apartment."

Bogard also explained that this heat is emitted during normal operation without having used games specifically developed for the Xbox Series X. Even when simply navigating the menus, he said the Microsoft console got extremely hot. However, it remains to be seen whether this problem will also appear in the release version of the Xbox Series X. The journalists probably had a kind of preliminary model available. Therefore it could well be that the final version develops less heat. We will definitely know by November 10, 2020 at the latest – then the new Xbox will hit the market.

Source: Twitch

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