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Xbox Series X vs. PS5: Microsoft's Phil Spencer announces "brave strategies" to fight market share against console competition. In the Gamertag radio podcast, the Vice-President of Gaming explains the idea behind the Xbox Series X announcement during the Game Awards last December. Compared to Sony, one is not in the desirable market position for a "keep it up."

In December 2020, the console fight with Xbox Series X and PS5 enters a new round. Microsoft's vice president of gaming, Phil Spencer, recently announced in the Gamertag radio podcast a "brave strategy" to gain market share for the next-gen racers. This is probably one of the reasons why Microsoft already announced its Xbox One successor during the Game Awards last December. "(…) The decision was actually promoted by one of our marketing managers. (…) She just got up in one room and said: 'We should try something brave. Something we have never tried before'" said Spencer on the Xbox Series X announcement podcast.

According to Spencer, Microsoft is not in the market position with which the current generation of consoles is desired. You want to try new things. "When she came up with the idea (Xbox Series X announcement during Game Awards. Note d. Red) approached me, I was not exactly thrilled. After all, there will be plenty of other games at the event, "said Spencer in the Gamertag radio podcast further. The risk of not presenting the new generation of Xbox at its own event was a big risk. After all, you always give up some control.

However, Spencer was enthusiastic about Geoff Keighley's event, which has thrilled millions of viewers on the streaming devices in recent years. The Hellblade 2 trailer and the unveiling of the Xbox Series X were very well received in the end. "(…) The reactions were great. But to be honest, there could have been a complete disaster," Spencer said. For the future strategy of Xbox Series X marketing, Phil Spencer promises to take further bold steps. Another opportunity for this is the E3 2020, which PS5 manufacturer Sony has already canceled again.

source: GameSpot

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