of Andreas Bertits
There are more and more remastered games for older games on the market, but there is no trace of a new edition of the titles from the Xenosaga series. Publisher Bandai Namco has now explained why this is so.

The Xenosaga-Rey could use a remaster. After all, Xenoblade is doing very well and a remaster for the Nintendo Switch has been announced for this game. So what about Xenosaga?

No remaster of Xenosaga

Bandai Namco's Katsuhiro Harada said that they were actually considering a reissue of Xenosaga. However, after some market research, the company decided that such a version could not generate enough profit. Therefore, the idea was rejected. He also said that this doesn't mean Xenosaga will never get a remaster. But he believes it will be very difficult to revive this project. Therefore, the fans should at least not be prepared to get a remaster from Xenosaga for the time being.

Xenosaga was actually designed as a six-part RPG series, but the story then had to be reduced to three games. Nevertheless, the series was able to generate a fairly large fan base, which of course would now be happy about a remaster.

Source: Gamingbolt