XP Boost extended by many weeks

of André Linken
The current XP boost in World of Warcraft will be much longer than previously thought. Blizzard Entertainment has announced it will extend the promotion by several weeks – until the release of the pre-patch from the Shadowlands expansion.

Last month, Blizzard Entertainment activated an XP boost in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, which gives players a 100 percent bonus to experience points earned. The main purpose of this is to allow players to "level up" one or more Twink characters in the shortest possible time before the release of the new Shadowlands expansion. Actually, this bonus should only be active until April 20, 2020. But the developers decided at short notice to extend the campaign.

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As the team announced on the official website, the buff with the name "Wind of Wisdom" will remain until the release of the pre-patch from World of Warcraft (buy now for € 31.99): Shadowlands active. It is not yet known when exactly that will be the case. However, since the expansion alpha test is currently only running. are likely to move in for a few more weeks before the corresponding update appears. So you have enough time to bring one or more other twink characters to the current maximum level 120 before the pre-patch appears. Incidentally, the bonus can be combined with the heirlooms available in the game, so that you can expand the entire XP bonus even further. In this way the leveling should run a whole lot faster.

By the way, a concrete release date for the add-on World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has also not yet been fixed. All that is currently known is that it should come onto the market later this year.

Source: Blizzaard Entertainment

Blizzard has extended the XP bonus in World of Warcraft by several weeks. (2) (Source: buffed)

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