XP Boost extended to the Shadowlands pre-patch

Actually, the 100 percent additional experience in World of Warcraft should be over now, but Blizzard extends the XP Boost to the Shadowlands preparations – whenever these begin.

A buff called "Wind of Wisdom" has been active in World of Warcraft since the end of March, increasing the experience received by 100 percent and is therefore ideal to level up new characters in a short time. Originally, the buff was to remain active until April 20, but the level boost is being extended.

Blizzard announced, due to the popularity of the buff, him until the pre-patch for the next WoW addon Shadowlands. When this pre-patch goes live is not yet known, so you can still have weeks to happily pull up your twinks.

Since the buff is stacked with heirloom experience bonuses, new characters can be brought to maximum levels in record time.

So far it is only known that Shadowlands will be released this year. The buff should therefore be available for a long time in the game, since the new addon is just in the alpha test phase.

Original message from March 23, 2020:

WoW: Community is happy about XP bonus – old areas are revived

The strong experience buff and the fact that people stay at home in many places ensures more life again in the orphaned areas of the old WoW addons. This is well received by the community.

In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, there was rarely a lot going on in the old areas except for a few twinks. Blizzard donated all players but now the buff "Wind of Wisdom", which brings 100 percent additional experience. This buff is active until April 20, 2020.

So leveling has never been faster in WoW and the players seem to take the chance. In several Reddit threads, the players are happy about clearly busier areas and it is also a positive experience for returnees and newcomers. For example, user Sneakz writes in one Thread:

"It is perfect for me. I just got my wife and daughter excited about the game and their first experience is a world with lots of players leveling up so they can get mad at people who take their mobs away. These are good times. "

Another user starts a similar one Thread with the words:

Thanks to Blizzard for doing this. I like alternative characters, but I can't afford boosting and leveling myself, even if I decided to play without a group seemed boring. I usually don't last more than an hour. Today I logged in to do some leveling. Each area felt alive and had a lot of players and I had fun leveling, even though I didn't interact with players that much. The day passed in an instant. I just wanted to thank Blizzard and everyone for this experience.

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The buff also works with heirlooms and increases the bonus XP even further. So if you've always thought about starting WoW, resuming, or playing a twink, the level phase should hardly scare you now.