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Retribution paladins are often laughed at in WoW Classic, especially when it comes to the damage potential of playing in the raid area. But it is also possible with such a "Meme Spec" to achieve impressively high damage values ​​in the Blackwing Lair. The Paladin Jeenius from Heartseeker was even able to break the 1,000-DpS mark at Nefarian and thus put down a 100-log.

As much fun as WoW Classic is currently for many players, so many corners and edges are obvious that the original World of Warcraft had about 15 years ago (and thus also has the new edition). One of the biggest weaknesses is the crude class design and balancing. Games such as retribution (paladin), balance (druid) or elementary or reinforcement (shaman) do so little damage in the raid area that they are often ridiculed as so-called "meme specs" and only find a spot in raids. All the more WoW fans are looking forward to the Implementation of classic servers for The Burning Crusade, because with the first expansion, the various niche play modes received the necessary adjustments to shine in a new light.

But even now in Classic it is possible to break the typical expectations of a style of play and get more out of the class than some people think. Warlocks who fill up all bosses in Zul'Gurub, Shadow priests snatching the onyxian aggro, and Reinforcement shamans refueling in high-level dungeons, prove it.

At least as noteworthy is what Paladin player Jeenius of the alliance guild Feast on Heartseeker is currently getting out of the retaliation specialization. A few hours ago, he proudly posted his previous Blackwing Hoard statistics – and the damage values ​​achieved there are absolutely impressive.

To classify: If you look at all the Business administration logs from the past two weeks Retribution Paladins with Balance Druids collectively achieve the lowest damage values ​​of any offensive specialization. Jeenius, however, gets a lot more out of his paladin than most other retaliaries. At Nefarian, the player even managed to break the 1,000 DpS mark and thus put a 100 log. Okay, okay: thanks Holy anger Retribution Paladins even have a certain advantage in this fight, and if you look closely at the numbers, Jeenius really used the Holy Water of Stratholme optimally. Nevertheless, it can be said that his DpS value is significantly higher than that Damage values ​​of all other Retribution Paladins (Only two other players achieve over 800 Dps in the fight, four more than 700 Dps).

How does it look: Do you also have players in your guild who get a lot out of the often laughed at game styles? Let us know in the comments!

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