In our Playback event special for The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood we had already given you a first preview of the new features of Update 30. The free patch will appear in parallel with the chapter on June 1st (PC, Mac and Stadia) or June 8th (Playstation and Xbox) and will have the following innovations in the luggage:

  • A new tutorial with portal room (for choosing which storyline to play first)
  • The “Console Enhanced” version for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X
  • Update for the voice chat of the console versions
  • Improved performance in battles
  • New interface displays for your skills (so you can better understand when effects expire and when you should cast skills again)
  • Combination of normal and perfected set items
  • Choice of theme music

However, the biggest highlight of Update 30 is likely to be the efforts to bring the Zenimax into one freshly published post presented in detail. Spoiler: With the new game system you can for the first time earn content from crown boxes.

The new aspirations system, which will be released as part of Update 30 in June, is a free addition to the TESO base game that is available to all players. This new system will allow you to complete new daily and weekly tasks called Aspirations that will grant you various rewards (such as gold or experience) as well as a new currency called the Seal of Aspirations.

And this is how it works: When you log in, you automatically receive several daily and weekly endeavors in which you are asked to complete various tasks. These tasks cover all sorts of different play styles and activities in the game. Some examples of what aspirations are about:

  • Pickpocketing items
  • Complete quests
  • Defeat enemies using class or weapon skills
  • Sell ​​items to vendors
  • Craft different types of items
  • Defeat different types of monsters
  • Ressourcenvorkommen abernten
  • and much more!

These are just a few of the activities you will be asked to do in order to complete your pursuits. These will often be things that you already have regularly during your THAT-Adventure makes.

TESO: Complete aspirations while exploring, fighting, crafting, and other activities.

TESO: Complete aspirations while exploring, fighting, crafting, and other activities.

Quelle: Zenimax

The number of daily or weekly aspirations that you can complete per day will vary. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on where the upper limit is and which of the available aspirations you want to work on. This should give everyone, regardless of their style of play, the opportunity to earn the new currency without someone having to do activities that they may not enjoy. If you have reached the daily or weekly upper limit for completed aspirations, the remaining aspirations will be deactivated. At the end of the day, the daily aspirations are reset and new ones become available. At the end of a week, the same thing happens with the weekly aspirations.

You can see your tasks in the new endeavors menu, which you can access via the activity search. You don’t need to do anything else to begin an aspiration (they are all active immediately). Once you have completed one, you will automatically receive your rewards and a notification. So you don’t need to claim it by hand. It’s all very easy!

Seal of aspiration

In addition to other more common items, Aspirations reward you with a brand new currency called the Seal of Aspiration, with the number varying based on the aspiration day and challenge level.

With the new seal currency you can purchase all items currently available in Crown Crates. This includes all sorts of consumer goods from boxes (such as potions and scrolls of learning), companions, cosmetic items or even extremely rare Apex mounts. For the first time you can in The Elder Scrolls Online These very popular items can also be acquired simply by playing – and of course by finding them in boxes. Note that you cannot convert items from Crown Crates that you acquire with the help of Seals into gems.

TESO: & nbsp; Get every possible item currently available from Crown Crates, including Scrolls of Learning.

TESO: Get every possible item currently available from Crown Crates, including Scrolls of Learning.

Quelle: Zenimax

The value of the seal for individual items from Crown Crates varies. So, depending on what you want to get, you may have to save if you are after a particularly rare item. You can collect and save seals as long as you want, and if nothing appeals to you at the moment, there is no upper limit to how many seals you can save for later. Like Crowns and Gems, Seals of Aspiration are account-based and are not limited to one character.

To see all items from Crown Crates and to get them with seals, go to the Seal tab from the Crown Shop menu. There you will then see a full list of the available items and their costs.

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