Are you short of cash? Then take a look at your attic or in the basement – there might still be some treasures hidden there. The prices for retro games are just going through the roof due to the corona pandemic.


Pokémon, Secret of Mana and Co: Retro games are becoming more and more valuable

If you got into gaming quite late and now want to catch up on a few old classics in lockdown, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Not only are old consoles now traded on eBay and Co. at moon prices, retro games have also become damn expensive.

Old Nintendo games in particular seem to have appreciated in value in the last few months. The perfect occasion to take a look at the parents’ attic and look for the lost treasures of your own childhood. Well-preserved first-generation Pokémon games with their original packaging are now available traded for around 150 euros. The second generation games are even more valuable: collectors put around 180-200 euros on the table for them.

But SNES classics are also incredibly valuable. For Super Metroid with original packaging are called prices from 250 to 300 euros, Secret of Mana costs 90 to 120 euros (source: Businessinsider).

If you’re already on a treasure hunt in the attic anyway, then it’s best to keep an eye out for the following things:

Old games become treasures: the demand is high, but the supply is small

But it’s not just old Nintendo games that have become more and more valuable over the past few years. The site calculates the average sales value of all vintage games and shows the development in an interesting graph:

The average price for retro games is really picking up. (Image:

While the corresponding games brought in an average of around 7 US dollars a little more than 10 years ago, the purchase price has now risen to almost $ 25. No wonder: after all, the range of games on offer is getting smaller and smaller over time. If the modules and packs are not stored properly, the age is so severe that they break. In addition, there is the increased interest due to the corona pandemic, which is also causing a price increase (source:

So if you still have a few old Nintendo or Sega games in stock, you can really make ashes with them. A look into the old children’s wardrobe could be worthwhile – and your parents will certainly be happy if you come by them again.