If you’ve been unsure whether to give Marvel’s Avengers a chance, there’s good news for you: The title will be free to play on PlayStation, Google Stadia, and Steam from July 29th to August 1st.

The trial version will include all previously published content for the game. So you will be able to play the single-player campaign merging the base game, Operation: AIM in sight and the heroine Kate Bishop, and Operation: Imperfect Future with Hawkeye.

Also the new content Family Reunion Omega Level Threat, the reworked Mega-Hives, and the villain sector Against Any Chance will be available for you.

You can take all the progress you make during the free weekend with you into the full-fledged game, should you decide to buy it.

On Steam and PlayStation, the free weekend starts on July 29th at 6pm and ends on August 1st at the same time. Stadia players can start playing an hour earlier, but they must stop an hour earlier.

The development studio Crystal Dynamics is currently working with Microsoft to give Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S owners their own all-access opportunity.

In addition to the free weekend, an event will take place during the same period, giving players four times the amount of experience points. So, along with the new content, there is also a good reason for everyone who has already played the game extensively to take a look at the title.

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