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Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 is going to be huge. In a new video, the developers reveal that they are incorporating over 37,000 manually processed airports into the game. According to the team, this has never been done before for a flight simulator.

What the Asobo development team worked with Microsoft for Flight simulator 2020 plans to sound gigantic. As the team explains in a new video, more than 37,000 airports find their way into the game.

There has not been something like that before

The airports are based on the FSX database, but are being expanded to include new ones. These are both small regional airports and large, international airports. Satellite images form the basis for these locations, which the team edited manually so that the players can discover many details on the approach. According to the developers of the Flight Simulator 2020 (buy now for 22.89 €) Nobody has ever done so much work for a flight simulator before.

The 80 most visited airports are integrated into the game in even more detail. That should lead to a very high degree of realism. You can find out more about this undertaking in the "Feature Discovery Series" video for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 embedded below.

Source: Microsoft via PC games hardware

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