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Having a comfortable gaming chair is already mandatory today. But who has a gaming bed? The Japanese company Bauhütte shows furniture that you can assemble into a play bed.

Gamers are lazy, don't want to move and prefer to gamble from the bed. Of course that's not true, but this cliché seems to fuel the Japanese company Bauhütte. Because it offers furniture that you can use Gamer bed you can "build".

Play from the bed

Admittedly, the gamer bed already looks comfortable. A cozy bed, in front of it a desk with monitors on it, next to it a sideboard with mouse and keyboard and on the other side a shelf with games. Then more furniture around the bed, and you've already created your own, comfortable game retreat. Bauhütte offers the individual furniture and shows how you can put together a gamer bed with it. The company specializes in furniture for game fans.

Basically, everyone can do this themselves at home. Simply place the bed in the middle of the room, set up appropriate furniture all around and you can start playing comfortably from your bed without having to get up – at most, to go to the toilet or get something to eat and drink.

Bauhütte offers even more curious concepts. Underneath an ergometer, which is connected to a desk with a laptop on it. Basically, it's the opposite of the gaming bed. While you play, you still do sports. The ideas are interesting, if strange. You can view the corresponding pictures of the gamer bed for legal reasons via the source link. Perhaps the concept itself inspires you to similar ideas on how to play comfortably.

Source: PCGamesN

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