If things had gone a little differently a few years ago, you would have been able to slip into the role of the well-known DC superhero Superman in a game called Blue Steel – at least that’s the internal project name. However, it never saw the light of day. One of the former developers recently spoke up on Twitter to talk a little about the background.

This is the Twitter user “Salvatrix”, who has some interesting details about the project to offer. According to him, the action adventure was under development at Factor 5 and had already reached the status of a playable prototype. Due to the economic crisis, however, the work was stopped in 2008, a publication by Blue Steel was finally off the table. “Salvatrix” had already worked on several games that never came onto the market – but the ex-employee mourns the Superman title to this day. Among other things, fights in the air were planned as well as destructible buildings, huge arenas in the middle of Metropolis and of course the use of superpowers. According to “Salvatrix”, Blue Steel, which by the way should have been released for the PS3, would have been a groundbreaking and groundbreaking game at the same time.

He’s even posted a video showing some gameplay scenes from a prototype version of the game. Logically, the material looks unfinished and by no means worked out, which can be ascribed to the early stage. But at least you get some idea of ​​what Blue Steel could have been. You can find the video below this message.

Those: Twitter

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