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A comic book series will soon tell you what happened between God of War 3 and the "Reboot" from 2018. Finally, a gap in the story is filled.

God of War from 2018 is a quasi-reboot of the action series. We still play Kratos and the events of the other parts took place, but we start at a new starting point. But players were wondering what happened between God of War 3 and the current part. A comic book series now wants to tell this.

Kratos in the fight against himself

"God of War shows Kratos after his victory over Zeus and Athena," says the description of the comic series. "Kratos believes that he is finally free from his bondage and travels to the desert to distance himself from his home and shame, only to be haunted by his anger and guilt. Kratos directs his anger against the one enemy who opposes himself has proven invincible – himself. But you cannot win a war against yourself and only invites madness. "

The comics are written by Chris Roberson. The illustrations are from Tony Parker and the coloring is from Dan Jackson. The first issue will be released in the United States on June 24th.

Source: Gamingbolt

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