When was the last time you took the big risk of actually discontinuing the advertised new Netflix movie that pops up and yells at you? You don’t remember? Neither do I. You don’t do that either. Except – well, unless he’s really good. So, 7-on-IMDB-good.

Netflix series & films: offers and costs of the streaming service

When I can’t find anything to stream, I usually dump around impatiently on my cell phone, scroll through film lists and then end up back to my standard YouTube program. Puh! After all, that’s certainly not a disappointment, you already know it. But if you are celebrating a “Something new today!” Day at the weekend (which you should at least once a month) or are simply fed up with searching, then you can leave this weekend to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +. To put it briefly: Something nice is coming!

Netflix: love, monsters, and other odds and ends

IMDB rating: 7

Love and Monsters ist the Good mood film that the Olympus of streaming currently has to offer: Teen Wolf actor Dylan O’Brien you know from Maze Runner, American Assassin or from … Okay, you probably know him from Teen Wolf or Maze Runner.

But the fact is that O’Brien is predestined for humorous roles, and he proves that in the Monsterblut-Romanze Love and Monsters: The somewhat clumsy Joel is one of the few survivors in the post-apocalypse and finds out that his former girlfriend also miraculously escaped death. The only problem: It’s 85 miles away from his bunker and outside, giraffe-sized cockroaches crawl through the forest. The logical consequence is that he has to sneak through a Dark Souls level at monsters for days. You should find out for yourself whether love or monster appetite wins.

Amazon Prime Video: Controversial Horror Series

IMDB rating: 7.1

About the new Horror-Serie Them is discussed diligently, either with friends, with critics or on social media: The horror awaits a black family in a US suburb of the 50s. The completely white and racist neighborhood does not miss any opportunity to drive away the new neighbors in a perfidious way. But when apparently supernatural forces intensify the horror, life becomes a white hell for the protagonists.

Them follows in the footsteps of Jordan Peele’s Get Out (2017), or his next film Us (2019). At the same time, the processing of racism in the horror genre is always a border hike, which is also discussed in Them. To join the discussion, you should just have a look, if you dare.

Disney +: Another alien evening?

IMDB rating: Alientastisch

Yes, they are there: all Alien films crawled on Disney + at the beginning of April and stuck their little alien head out of the mouth of the streaming service. The question is: When was the last time you held an alien evening armed with popcorn, pizza and fruity juices? Has it been a while? Perhaps the time has come this weekend to make up for that. And if not – the new and penultimate episode of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is already online, and can sweeten your weekend. Nice.

It’s kind of a nice weekend in the middle of April. If the sun is once again displaced by snow showers, there is no question that there is an alternative. What do you all mean? And what do you watch on the weekend? For me it will probably be Love and Monsters, because after Teen Wolf I am firmly convinced that Dylan O’Brien has one always can put you in a good mood.